"I'm afraid to say you weren't successful on this occassion."

Not a phrase you want to hear twice, right?

A test rescue package in Romford can help you.

We know how disappointing it is to fall short on your test after all that hard work. Usually a few little fixes are all that's needed to help you get it right next time.

Ok, so you failed a driving test! Let's look at it as a positive thing; you will only fail your test if you did something that the examiner believes could make you a risk to yourself or other road users, if he were to grant you your licence. So really, your examiner is helping to keep you safe. You wouldn't want to get your licence, only to go on and have an incident soon after, would you?


So what do you need to do to "impress" the examiner? I'll let you into a little secret, he only want's one thing. He doesn't really care what gear you are in, he doesn't care if you accidently crossed your hands, he's not even really bothered if you press the clutch at the wrong time. So what's the one thing? SAFETY! Simple as that!


You'll hear lots of people say "all the best drivers pass second time", perhaps someone said it to you when you told them you failed? There's some truth to that, because those who pass first time have often had a bit of luck on the day, but that luck doesn't always stay with them. Those who fail usually take some remedial lessons, like you, before their next attempt. During these lessons you'll get more detail on those weak areas of your driving and a better insight as to why correcting them will make you a safer driver. Once you understand how to stay safe, you'll want to perfect those skills, right? Nobody sets out to be an unsafe driver.


Once you have those skills, you'll be ready to demonstrate them to an examiner. It's not really a test, it's more of an assessment actually. Your examiner is assessing your ability to interact safely with other road users. Your driving may not be very pretty, especially if you are nervous, and that doesn't matter too much within reason. What your examiner is really thinking about is does he want you out there on the roads with him? Would he be happy for you to drive his kids to school? So, learn how to be safe throughout all of your driving (including reversing), demonstrate that you inderstand how to stay safe, and nail that test! 

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Get that pass!

You might have made one silly mistake on your test or you may have a few areas of weakness that are an accident waiting to happen. Either way, we'll need to work together to help you become a safe driver. We'll talk about what happened on your last test or tests and I'll watch you drive, then we can get to work fine tuning those last little bits to make you safe and get you your driving licence.

Even if you've failed more than once, I'm confident that I can get you back on track and help you get that licence you deserve!