So, you already know the basics? Great!

Have you already had driving lessons in Romford?

Don't worry; if you tell me you have some experience in driving, it doesn't mean I'll expect you to be brilliant!


Part trained simply means you've practiced some of the skills before and we may not need to start right from the begining. It doesn't mean you have to pick up right where you left off, either. 


It may have been some time since you were last in the driver's seat and you might be worried that you've forgotten some or even all of what you previously learned. That's ok, unlike riding a bike, it's very easy to forget how to drive if you haven't done it for a while. Maybe you are not confident that you got the right help before and are worried that you are doing it wrong?

Lisle's Driving School Romford Lisles Driving School Romford

We'll do an assesment together, so you can pick up where you left off.

On your first lesson, we'll talk about what you've done in the past and how long ago it was. We'll see what you think you can remember and where you will need support. Regardless of how brilliant you say you are, the first lesson will always start from a quite side road where you can settle back into driving at your own pace. I won't hold you there any longer than you need though and we'll work towards getting you back to where you left off, whether that's in the same lesson, or over the course of a few sessions as your confidence grows.

Get those keys quicker by doing Super Boost sessions!

Super Boost sessions are held on Sundays. Sessions are from 10am until 2pm and include a 20 minute rest break, or you can "go large" with the Super Boost + session which is 3x2 hour session. These sessions are very popular, so often need to be booked in advance.

Lisle's Driving School Romford Lisles Driving School Romford

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