I can drive, but I still need a little help, please.

Already passed a test in Romford? Already have a driving licence?

Are you allowed to have lessons even after you pass your test?


Yes of course, in fact our roads would be much safer if more people would! Many people think that they can not take lessons once they have their own licence. When you think about it, preparing to pass your driving test is just a very small part of learning to drive. Any good instructor, including myself, will always try to prepare you for a lifetime of driving rather than to pass a test, but the reality is that most people want to pass as quickly as possible.


The DVSA say that statistically the average learner will take over 47 hours of paid tuition (and a further 20 hours of private practice), in order to gain their driving licence. Thats less than three full days of driving! It's really not much, is it?

Many new drivers are scared of driving to Lakeside, not to mention parking when they arrive!

Lisle's Driving School Romford Lisle's Driving School Romford

It's no wonder that many people still feel under-prepared for life on the roads even after they pass their test! There may be certain road types or situations that you didn't encounter on your lessons, or perhaps you had less experience than you would have liked. Do you know how many learners tell me they will only be driving a couple of miles to college or work every day? Then a couple of years down the line they find themselves moving or changing jobs and suddenly they have to navigate the M25 in rush hour! I see many people who passed their tests or are used to driving in much more rural locations and are not confident with big busy roads and junctions.

Lisle's Driving School Romford Lisle's Driving School Romford

On your first lesson, we'll talk about any elements of your driving that you would like help on, whether it's roundabouts, parking or something else. As you drive, I'll observe and see if there are any pointers I can give to help you become a safe and confident driver, so that you can have the freedom that driving should give you.

Are you new to the UK? You may have several years of driving behind you in your native country, but often the roads and driving styles can vary greatly. As an EU licence holder you may not need to exchange to a UK licence, but perhaps you'd like a little support while you get used to being on the other side of the road, and having the gear lever on the left side. It can be a little disorientating at times, even for experienced driviers.


If you hold a NON EU licence, you may need to gain a UK licence to drive here legally. Different restictritions apply to different countries. You can check on the .Gov website. I will help you with any bad habits you may have developed such as not using your mirrors effectively. You may also need some explainations on road rules, signs and markings.

Are you terrified at the thought of going around Gallows Corner?

Lisle's Driving School Romford Lisle's Driving School Romford

All those lanes! So many cars, and they go so fast! Learn how to read the signs and markings to position early on approach. Learn to read the intentions of other vehicles, even when they dont signal and anticipate the gaps to join safely.

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