So you are a full licence holder? That doesn't mean we can't still help you to become a better and more confident driver.

Many people dont realise that the driving test doesn't always fully prepare you for a lifetime of driving. Learning to drive in the summer is most popular, because the nights are lighter and the weather is usually nicer. You may have done lots of lessons before taking your test, but still never driven in the dark or poor weather. Have you considered how those changes in conditions might affect your driving style?

Motorway driving

As a provisional licence holder, you are not legally allowed to drive on motorways, even with an instructor. Depending on where you did your driving lessons or have driven previously, you may have got some very similar experiences by driving on dual carriageways. Here in Romford, we are lucky that we are in close proximity to large busy dual carriageways such as the A127, A13 and even the A406. These roads have up to 4 lanes and offer very similar circumstances to motorways, such as joining and leaving via slip roads, signage on overhead gantries, smart motorway systems (Variable speed limits and lane closures using LED signage). Not everyone has had access to these roads however. Perhaps you learned or lived somewhere more rural previously? Some areas have no noteable dual carriageways, let alone on the scale we have here. Even if you were lucky enough to practice on these roads, you may still feel like you'd like more experience under the supervision of an expert driver.

Lisle's Driving School Romford Lisles Driving School Romford

Pass Plus builds on your existing skills, to develop you further and help you become a safer driver on any road, in any conditons

Rural roads

Gain more experience driving out of town. Learn how to anticipate hazards associated with rural areas such as farm vehicles and animals. Improve your forward planning for the road ahead including narrow and bendy roads.

Driving in adverse weather conditions

You may not have experience of driving in rain, poor visibility, or icy conditions. Do you know how they can affect the handling of your car and how it responds to steering and braking in particular? How will you plan to stay safe when things get tricky?

Town Driving

Build your planning skills to stay safe in areas with lots of pedestrians, junctions, crossings and frequently stopping vehicles

Lisle's Driving School Romford Lisles Driving School Romford

Your learning shouldn't stop when you get your pass certificate!

Night time driving

Driving in the dark can be quite scary at first. Things are harder to see, especially pedestrians. Lights from other vehicles can be dazzling. Learn how to stay safe when you cant see as well as you'd like.

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Dual Carriageways

Especially useful for drivers who didn't encounter dual carriageways during their lessons, or since they passed.