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Learning to drive can be quite daunting to begin with. Most of us realise it is a big resposibilty being in control of a vehicle and you might question whether or not you are ready for that responsibilty.


For many teenagers driving a car is the first real responsibilty they encounter. Not all learners are teenagers though, in fact less than half of my pupils are. Did that suprise you? Did you think you were in a very small group of people who didn't pass when you were younger? There are many reasons why lots of people don't have learning to drive at the top of their 'to do' lists; educational commitments, family life, lack of funds, maybe good public transport made it a low priority. Perhaps you've been put off learning to drive because you've been involved in, or witnessed a road traffic accident? Whatever your reasons, rest assured there are many people out there in exactly the same position and I have plenty of experience in helping people just like you.

Start your journey now with a course especially designed with beginners like you in mind. 

Lisle's Driving School Romford Lisles Driving School Romford

Whatever your circumstance, you've now decided to take the plunge and I'll help you to do that in a safe, controlled environment. Sometimes even beginners aren't complete beginners; perhaps you have been with a friend or family member to the Cardrome? You may have other experience of driving off road, perhaps on private land or even with farm vehicles. Experience of driving other vehicles, even non motored ones such as bicyles can accelerate your understanding of driving by transferring skills such as braking techniques, use of gears, road sense and such like.

Lisle's Driving School Romford Lisles Driving School Romford

We'll discuss any previous experience you may have on your first lesson and then find the right level of help for your individual needs.


If you know what the pedals do because you already did it at the Cardrome, we won't waste valuable time sitting by the side of the road talking about, You can show me what you can do, and we'll go from there.


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